Big changes; my story "Thomas Dreams of Separability" (newly published by the Harvard Journal of Sports & Entertainment Law)

Posted by Charles Colman

So... In the nearly three years since my last post on this blog, there have been important changes in just about every area of law and life. Many of those changes will require little (additional) elaboration here. Other changes, like those involving my own professional and geographic moves and scholarly projects, require more explanation and narration from me -- both of which might be better suited to a new blog, for reasons to be discussed in the coming weeks.

For now, anyone interested in a preview of how my latest work differs from my earlier publications might want to read a short story written as the fourth installment in a series originally (or, perhaps, previously? -- see the star footnote in the embedded document) titled The History and Principles of American Copyright Protection for Fashion Design. That piece is a short story inspired by, among other things, the Supreme Court's 2017 decision in Star Athletica v. Varsity Brands, and is titled Thomas Dreams of Separability, for reasons that will become apparent upon reading the piece.

The story was published early last week by the Harvard Journal of Sports & Entertainment Law; it is embedded below and available for download on SSRNThe conclusion to the story, and the five-article series, will be published by HJSEL later this year, under the title The Longest Transference.

[Addendum: This "Thomas"-related development late last week is an, umm, interesting coda to the publication of my piece...]