Costco fights back...

Posted by Charles Colman

as it is wont to do.  You'll get LAW OF FASHION's take later; for now, check out JCK Magazine's coverage of Costco's filing, and of course, read the full "Answer and Counterclaims," embedded below and posted on Scribd.  (If you haven't yet checked out Tiffany's Valentine's Day Complaint that started the case, you'll find it here.)

[UPDATE 1 (3/14/13, AM): Costco's Exhibits 1 and 2 -- but not Exhibit 3 -- are now posted here, and here, respectively.  You'll find LOF's promised commentary here.]

[UPDATE 2 (3/14/13, PM): Tiffany has filed a "Reply" to Costco's Counterclaim document, posted here; LAW OF FASHION will analyze it soon.]


Tiffany and Co. v. Costco, 13 Civ. 1041 (S.D.N.Y.) (Answer/Counterclaims, 3-8-13)