Jewelry-industry trade publication JCK Magazine quotes attorney Charles Colman extensively on the subject of knockoffs

Posted by Charles Colman

This writer has represented various jewelry designers whose work has been knocked off by others, so I know a thing or two about the problem. JCK Magazine, the leading trade publication for the jewelry industry, sought out my advice for its March 2014 issue, which contains an informative article entitled "Clone Wars":





The full text of the article also appears on the JCK website, under the alternative title "How Retailers and Designers Can Guard Against Knockoffs." The piece contains a list of cautionary bullet points, which the article's writer boiled down from our Q&A on the topic of knockoffs:





In general, one should be wary of relying on information in bullet-point form -- and one should certainly never use such information in lieu of more nuanced legal advice, tailored to one's particular situation and needs -- but I must commend this writer, Susan G. Hauser, for doing an excellent job of conveying the essence of our discussion.


If you're a designer experiencing problems with knockoffs of your work (or you've been accused of knocking off someone else's work), and you think you might need legal representation, feel free to contact Charles Colman Law, PLLC, using the information posted here.

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