Cartier sues for copyright and design-patent infringement (and this shouldn't surprise anyone who's been reading this blog...)

Posted by Charles Colman

See, I keep telling you about the existence of copyright protection (or copyright pitfalls, depending on your perspective) in the fashion-design context, even under U.S. law.  In fact, the history and principles of American copyright-for-fashion are so messy idiosyncratic that my discussion of the subject will require a series of five articles, to be published in consecutive issues of the Harvard Journal of Sports and Entertainment Law, starting this summer.

This recently filed Cartier case shows that like copyright and trademark claims, copyright and design patent claims can (and do) overlap...


Cartier Creation Studio v. Lugano Diamonds, 8-15-CV-00838 (C.D. Cal.)

(Complaint, Filed May 28, 2015)