Does H&M, like Madonna, have a potential trade dress mess on its hands?

Posted by Charles Colman

A fast-fashion law blunder?  Spotted earlier today by men's clothier and Lanvin aficionado LATTER/FORMER: the H&M at 59th and Lexington in Manhattan may have a trade dress mess of its own (perhaps taking some of the heat off of Madonna.)


True, Lanvin collaborated with H&M in late 2010, but LAW OF FASHION is unaware of any continuing affiliation between the companies.  Do you know something LOF doesn't?  Was this mannequin motif developed specifically for the joint venture, or is it a longtime Lanvin signature?  Send intel directly to LOF at ccolman (at) lawoffashion (dot) com, or tweet your knowledge to LOF (and the world) at @fashionlawblog.

Pictures after the jump.  (If anyone wants to donate a photo of an actual Lanvin window display, LOF would be much obliged.)


From H&M window display








From Lanvin website







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