Official LAW OF FASHION LinkedIn group now active! (First on the agenda: "One tough week for Chanel")

Posted by Charles Colman

As fashion law is now a movement, it's only fitting that its members have their own LinkedIn group.


Enter the new LAW OF FASHION group, affiliated with the blog (and the law firm running it, Charles Colman Law, PLLC) that you already know and hopefully love...

In this group, all topics at the nexus of fashion and law are fair game, highbrow or low.  The only rules: 1) stay on point, and 2) no spam.  So go ahead and join by clicking here, and we'll get right down to brass -- no, silver! -- tacks.

First on the agenda: "One tough week for Chanel," wherein we discuss the news of a forthcoming, sordid biography of the brand's founder, and the company's widely-announced product recall that followed on the illuminating heels of the bio announcement.  Coincidence, or rock-and-a-hard-place PR move?  And what legal tools might the company have at its disposal to minimize the damage done by the biography (if any)?

[This post, like all content on both the LAW OF FASHION blog and LinkedIn group, is for informational and entertainment purposes only, and does not constitute legal advice or form an attorney-client relationship between Charles Colman Law, PLLC, or its members, and any company or individual.]