"It's the most wonderful[ly busy] time of the year..."

Posted by Charles Colman

At some point, this writer and/or one of his sparkling new Of Counsel (bios for Yin Huang and Naveen Thomas here) will resume posting to this blog with regularity. But now is not the time, due to several speaking engagements at conferences and symposia taking place in the coming weeks -- and, of course, because of my teaching responsibilities at NYU Law. (Another crop of brilliant students this year, by the way!)


A bit about those speaking engagements. Perhaps you'll recall my essay, "Trademark Law and the Prickly Ambivalence of Post-Parodies," a rather unconventional piece of legal scholarship -- if I do say so myself -- published by the Penn Law Review Online in late August. I will be presenting that paper later this month at LIM College's 2014 symposium, "Fashion, Now & Then: From Antiquity to Visionary," in New York City.


This Friday, I will be discussing my work on a companion project to the "Post-Parodies" essay, tentatively titled "Copyright Uses of Trademarks," at American University's "3rd Annual Trademark Works-in-Progress Colloquium," in Washington, D.C.


And in mid-November, I will present my latest full-length article, "Patents and Perverts," at Marquette University Law School's "First Annual Mosaic Conference: Diverse Voices in Intellectual Property Scholarship", in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. If, after reading the abstract for that piece, you decide that your law review would like to save my piece from the chaos of the Spring 2015 submission process, drop me a line at cec10 [at] nyu [dot] edu...


In any event, while these events will keep me from posting here as often as I might like, you can (and should!) join the LAW OF FASHION LinkedIn group. The discussion board for that group -- 3400 members and growing -- is updated near-daily with select news and commentary on fashion, law, and fashion law from across the web. Good stuff. Promise.


Gotta go; wish me luck!