Great news: Prof. Gary Watt's "Dress, Law and Naked Truth: A Cultural Study of Fashion and Form" is now open-access!

Posted by Charles Colman

One of the most provocative and valuable works of legal scholarship on dress, Gary Watt's Dress, Law and Naked Truth: A Cultural Study of Fashion and Form, is now available through a Creative Commons license:



I have uniformly positive things to say about this book -- for example:


"Professor Watt's book represents such a dramatic leap forward in legal thought about dress that it demands the recognition of a new category of scholarship. Dress, Law and Naked Truth presents an array of startlingly original ideas about the relationship between dress and the law. Happily, Watt's book manages to combine intellectual heft with beautifully crafted prose, making it not only a remarkable scholarly accomplishment, but also a joy to read."


Indeed, several of Watt's chapters are already required reading for my yearly fashion theory course offered through NYU Steinhardt "Visual Culture: Costume Studies" M.A. Program.  I am delighted that the book will now be widely available at no charge; it would be foolish not to take advantage of the opportunity.  Start here, and enjoy!


(As for my own work, info on my next speaking engagement -- a presentation on my recent essay, "Trademark Law and the Prickly Ambivalence of Post-Parodies" -- can be found on the website for The Center for the Study of Fashion, Law, and Society®.  In November, I'll be at Marquette Law's "Mosaic" conference to present my latest academic project, "Patents and Perverts."  Stay tuned!)