"Business of Beauty" panel at NYC Bar Association a "smash success," according to inherently biased source

Posted by Charles Colman

The November 1st "Business of Beauty" panel was a "smash success," according to one biased source.  That source, who moderated the panel and is typing these words, found the event fun and informative.  For an unbiased account of the event, check out Shannon Green's coverage in Corporate Counsel.

An audio recording of the panel is available at the New York City Bar Association website (right-click on the link to download the .mp3 file.)  Here is the City Bar's "official" photo of the event, featuring (from left to right) Erica Swartz of Revlon, Bret Parker of Elizabeth Arden, Monica Richman of SNR Denton, Charles Colman of Charles Colman Law, PLLC, Anca Cornis-Pop of Avon, and Eric Breitman of Coty, Inc.