The law of fashion does not stop for "Christmas"

Posted by Charles Colman

If you are under the mistaken impression that the law of fashion stops for Christmas, prepare to be disabused of that notion.


Welcome to the inaugural post of "Law of Fashion," a blog maintained by the law firm Charles Colman Law, PLLC, under the watchful eye of presently licensed attorney, former unlicensed near-professional musician, occasional amateur fashion designer, and all-around gentleman and scholar Charles Colman.  You may call him "Chuck," upon compliance with voluminous terms and conditions available upon request.


This blog ("LOF") is a collection of CCL's commentary on cases, controversies, conspiracies, calumnies, and other matters contractual, constitutional, and criminal concerning clothing.  No portion of LOF constitutes legal advice, or should be relied on for any purpose except self-amusement.  In fact, should this blog cease to amuse the writer, he reserves the right to stop posting immediately, without prior notice.  Actually, he reserves all rights.  He likes his rights.


Now, on to the law of fashion.