New year, new book on fashion law (to which I happen to have contributed a chapter on intellectual property protection...)

Posted by Charles Colman

Until now, there's really been just a single book on the burgeoning field of fashion law.  And while that book provides an excellent introduction to this newly recognized practice area, it's geared primarily toward non-lawyers.

A new book, released just yesterday and composed of chapters by many different "fashion attorneys," should spice things up a bit.  That book, written for those with a legal background, is Navigating Fashion Law: Leading Lawyers on Exploring the Trends, Cases, and Strategies of Fashion Law (Aspatore 2012):





The publication is part of West's "Inside the Minds" series, and is summarized on the West website as follows:

"This Aspatore legal title provides an authoritative insider's perspective on working with fashion clients to build, protect, and expand their business.  Featuring articles written by experienced fashion law practitioners, this book guides the reader through the legal side of the fashion industry, including the origins of this area of law, recent trends, and forecasts for the future.  Covering a range of topics, from intellectual property and employment to real estate and mergers and acquisitions, these top lawyers detail the multidisciplinary issues that lawyers face, and current strategies for dealing with them."

I should mention that 1) yes, I contributed a chapter to the book, entitled "An Overview of Intellectual Property Issues Relevant to the Fashion Industry," so my promotion of the book may not be entirely objective, and 2) I haven't yet had a chance to read any of the other practitioners' chapters, so I can't really say what's in store outside of my contribution. But go ahead and peruse the book's Table of Contents and/or read some excerpts of the book on Amazon, and if your interest is piqued, head on over to West's website to order a copy.


Finally, Happy New Year from Charles Colman Law, PLLC!