GUEST POST: "Is the IDPA a Trojan Horse?" by Sarah Burstein (Associate Professor, University of Oklahoma College of Law)

Posted by Sarah Burstein

I’d like to thank Chuck [Ed. who has added some hyperlinks to this post, and, incidentally, wants to thank our esteemed guest in return] for inviting me to comment on S. 3523,  the Innovative Design Protection Act of 2012 (“IDPA”).  The IDPA is the latest in a string of recent attempts to amend Title 17 of the U.S. Code to provide greater protection for fashion designs.

Fashion Law Roundup: Holiday tiding you over until LAW OF FASHION's return, with legal news from an action-packed November

Posted by Charles Colman

The man behind this website (who's also behind the LAW OF FASHION LinkedIn group to which he constantly directs you) is about to go on litigation/writing/holiday lockdown -- PSA: these things don't mix very well -- so it will be pretty quiet around here for a while. To tide you over for the next few weeks, LOF brings you a roundup of the most important, controversial, and/or ridiculous fashion law news from November 2012:


Intellectual Property


"Design patents 101: Lululemon Athletica Canada and Calvin Klein, Inc. settle infringement lawsuit over yoga pants" (LAW OF FASHION)


"[On the Western Front of the] IP Wars: Inside the Fight Over Trademarks" (The Hollywood Reporter / THR Esq.)


POLL: Do you support the "Innovative Design Protection Act of 2012"?

Posted by Charles Colman

To the surprise of many, the "quasi-copyright-for-fashion" bill is back on the table.  (The bill's advocates wisely dropped two letters from the previous version's unwieldy acronym.)  The latest iteration of the proposed law is embedded below, and a summary of the key provisions can be found here.


Once you've brought yourself up to speed on the IDPA, visit LAW OF FASHION's official LinkedIn group and let us know whether you support the bill -- and if not, why not?



Fashion law roundup: 'September-catch-up-because-of-fashion-week(s)-and-other-undisclosed-reasons' edition! (Part 1 of 3 or so)

Posted by Charles Colman

It's been a busy month for fashion designers and fashion lawyers alike (blame New York Fashion Week, followed by London, Milan, and Paris), and now LAW OF FASHION has a lot of catching up to do. So here's the first installment of LOF's September 2012 fashion law roundup, containing news stories from the first week or so of the month.  It will be supplemented in short order...

Intellectual Property and The Like


"Lululemon sues [PVH Corp's Calvin Klein and G-III Apparel Group Ltd.] over pant patents" (Reuters)


"Kim Kardashian Settles Lawsuit with Old Navy Over Look-alike Model" (Fashionista)


Fashion law roundup (or catch-up), Part 2 of 2: Get up to speed on fashion law and business headlines from July 15th to right...

Posted by Charles Colman

now.  Yes, LAW OF FASHION always usually follows through on its promises, and after its last catch-up session, bringing you news through July 15, 2012, LOF now brings you everything most of what you need to know to successfully participate in witty banter at the many non-existent fashion law cocktail parties taking place in early August.  Oh, and speaking of August, I'll be in and out of town during these... well, let's call them "Vick days," since I like dogs.  (Can you really trust people who don't?)  So things might be pretty quiet around here for a while.