Highly anticipated second edition of "Fashion Law" book released, with chapter on copyright law by Charles Colman

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Available on Amazon as of today (where you can flip through selected pages -- screenshot of one of mine, below.)  More info on the revised edition available on the publisher's website.



The intro to my chapter...


Complete slideshow: "Harmless Fun or Trademark Dilution/Infringement? Fashion 'Parodies' of Luxury Brands and Goods" (revised)

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While I don't have audio to share with you, here is the visual component of the presentation I gave at the Kellogg Center on the campus of Michigan State University this past Monday, March 24th.  (I've made some revisions, including the addition of explanatory text where lack of a verbal explanation would make the presentation difficult to follow.  For a full-size version of the slideshow, go to Scribd; to download the presentation, go to SSRN.)

Thanks so much to ICLE and the Michigan State Bar Association's Intellectual Property Section for the invitation to present!  Slideshow after the jump...


Upcoming lecture: "Harmless Fun or Trademark Dilution? Fashion 'Parodies' of Luxury Goods" (Michigan State University, 3/24/14)

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Upcoming (free!) program with law profs Charles Colman and Ruthann Robson: "Fashion and the Law"

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[UPDATE: Short debrief after the jump....]


Selected Bottega Veneta design patents

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I'm pleased to break the silence at long last, but sorry, this isn't a news or commentary post -- at least, not directly.  You can always get your fill of fashion-law news and analysis at the LAW OF FASHION LinkedIn group and the super-informative blog for The Center for the Study of Fashion, Law, and Society®.  This post, however, is actually a source cited in my forthcoming piece for the Harvard Journal of Law & Technology Digest, entitled "The TTAB's Dangerous Dismissal of 'Doubt.'"  (Hint: The essay has to do with this disaster.)