Complete slideshow: "Harmless Fun or Trademark Dilution/Infringement? Fashion 'Parodies' of Luxury Brands and Goods" (revised)

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While I don't have audio to share with you, here is the visual component of the presentation I gave at the Kellogg Center on the campus of Michigan State University this past Monday, March 24th.  (I've made some revisions, including the addition of explanatory text where lack of a verbal explanation would make the presentation difficult to follow.  For a full-size version of the slideshow, go to Scribd; to download the presentation, go to SSRN.)

Thanks so much to ICLE and the Michigan State Bar Association's Intellectual Property Section for the invitation to present!  Slideshow after the jump...


Jewelry-industry trade publication JCK Magazine quotes attorney Charles Colman extensively on the subject of knockoffs

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This writer has represented various jewelry designers whose work has been knocked off by others, so I know a thing or two about the problem. JCK Magazine, the leading trade publication for the jewelry industry, sought out my advice for its March 2014 issue, which contains an informative article entitled "Clone Wars":





The full text of the article also appears on the JCK website, under the alternative title "How Retailers and Designers Can Guard Against Knockoffs." The piece contains a list of cautionary bullet points, which the article's writer boiled down from our Q&A on the topic of knockoffs:



Upcoming lecture: "Harmless Fun or Trademark Dilution? Fashion 'Parodies' of Luxury Goods" (Michigan State University, 3/24/14)

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Upcoming (free!) program with law profs Charles Colman and Ruthann Robson: "Fashion and the Law"

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My unprintable musings on the "tentative ruling" in AbbVie v. Kitson (a/k/a the "Vicodin jerseys" case)

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A reporter recently asked for my views on AbbVie v. Kitson (a/k/a the "Vicodin jerseys" case -- complaint available here, current docket available here), in which Judge Consuelo B. Marshall of the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California has issued a "tentative ruling" in favor of the plaintiff. You might recall that the pharmaceutical company AbbVie filed suit late last year to stop the sale of the shirt on the right:






My response to that reporter ended up being quite a bit longer and more theoretical than I had planned. Since there's no way the majority of that commentary will be printed, I've decided to post it here (in slightly modified form). Voilà: